David Simons

Managing Director

David is dedicated to helping clients implement and realize their real estate development needs, as well as delivering sustainable buildings at the forefront of innovation in the Russian market.

In 1992, David moved to Russia to build a trading business and contribute to the newly opened Russian economy. As the emerging commercial real estate market accelerated, so did the  demand for experienced professionals, and David transitioned back to real estate. He has since master-planned over 1,000 hectares of land and constructed more than 600,000 m2 of buildings in Russia. David led the privatization of a large portfolio of commercial and hotel properties on behalf of a Russian investment group, created a successful joint venture with AIG / Lincoln (Northpoint), master-planned 200 hectare and 700 hectare industrial zones, and led the privatization and sale of one of Russia’s first 5-star hotels. More recently, he led the acquisition and development of the 50 hectare Q-Park site in Kazan.

David has been a guest lecturer at the University of Maryland MBA school, and at Georgetown University, School of Foreign Affairs, talking on ‘Business Dynamics in Russia’. David has also participated in U.S.-Russia governmental projects to enhance property rights. Prior to moving to Russia, David was the developer of various residential developments in NW London and properties in Florida, where he also master-planned a commercial development near Sea World.

David enjoys and has travelled widely in Russia, appreciating the differences and challenges of conducting business outside the capital. When not walking the construction site David thoroughly enjoys walking the golf course.