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SGIP02 July 2019

CDEK-Global have placed their largest logistics hub at South Gate Industrial Park

Moscow, 2th July 2019: Radius Group, the leading warehouse and industrial real estate developer and owner, and CDEK-Global, one of Russia’s logistics operator have partnered to announce the lease deal of 30,000 square meters of warehouse space. The warehouse is located at Class A South Gate Industrial Park in Domodedovo. To date, this is one of largest lease deals made in the first quarter of 2019 in the Moscow Regional warehousing real estate market.

Logistics operator CDEK-Global has leased a 30,000 square meters warehouse space in Class A South Gate Industrial Park. The company has placed its largest logistics hub in the Moscow Region. The lease agreement deal between Radius Group and CDEK-Global was reached within only 2 months and was signed in June. The duration of the lease agreement is 7 years.

CDEK-Global have already moved in the warehouse and started shipping goods.

“One of the key benefits of South Gate Industrial Park for the customer is its prime location; providing access both to Moscow and other parts of Russia with high quality warehouse space which can be adapted upon the request”, comments Zakhar Valkov, Radius Group COO. “I am sure that locating the new distribution center at South Gate Industrial Park will allow CDEK-Global to improve their logistics network in the Moscow Region and Central Federal District and improve the quality of service for end users”.

Upon the customer’s request, Radius Group have adapted leased space. For example, two adjacent separate warehouse blocks were modified, united into one. The required racking equipment were installed inside one of the rooms and additional office rooms were placed on the mezzanine. The charging room was set up and the diesel generator unit was installed to increase warehouse power. Additional docks were installed to convert one of warehouse blocks into a cross-docking warehouse. Thanks to the required adaption of the rooms the client was able to move-in into the warehouse within the short period of time and start shipping goods.

South Gate Industrial Park is extremely attractive to logistics companies because of its superb location. The site is located at the intersection of two key federal highways and is within close proximity to the largest aviation hub, the Domodedovo airport.

In addition to CDEK, today’s South Gate Industrial Park residents include other leading 3-PL-operators such as German DHL, one of the global logistics market leader and FM Logistic and Tablogix.